WebSocket Client

The most advanced Websocket tool for MacOs

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WebSocket Client is a
Quick and Easy tool
for testing your web socket development

There are probably as many ways to test your websocket as there are websocket’s server. The challenge is to find a tool that doesn’t interfere with your great workflow. WebSocket Client was built to be easy to use when you need it, and easy to hide when you don’t. No terminal commands that are hard to remember, no browser extensions that’s hard to reach and no applications that keeps getting in your way.


Application Native MacOS

We have made this choice in order to offer a perfect integration with MacOS. For example, you may be notified of new incoming data if the application is inactive. Uncompromising performance....


Save your connections

WebSocket Client saves your configuration and saves all the connections you create. And of course, you also keep the configuration as for example all the readers entered.


Simple and Powerful

Very easy to use, WebSocket Client only does what it is asked to do. Communicate with a WebSocket server!


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